How PLAION Achieved 138% of the Saints Row Pre-Sales Target

November 1, 2022
How PLAION Achieved 138% of the Saints Row Pre-Sales Target

The Challenge

Pre-orders are an early indicator of a new game's success with a substantial amount of the first-years’ sales made up from a pre-order campaign. PLAION had a vision for an immersive, layered, and fully-digital pre-sales campaign to drive demand and first-year revenue for its Saints Row re-boot. To bring the campaign to life for a community of gamers that deeply values open-world experiences, PLAION needed the right partners.

The Solution

PLAION’s layered approach started in-store with GameStop, who handled in-store promotions and marketing of the game, driving customers to Ocavu’s AR experience. 

To convert gamers from the AR experience to pre-order, Ocavu needed to tap into what makes gamers want to buy a game as well as deliver a unique experience. Ocavu’s AR experience directed users to a landing page complete with game art, four unique 3D assets, and an AR experience to bring those assets to life. 

Gamers could then submit photos of their interaction to win gift cards and copies of the game, which was managed by GameInformer.

“They delivered 10x what they said they would. Game changers.” - Plaion

The Impact

138% of pre-sales target met

With pre-sales being a key revenue driver of any video games sales, exceeding targets is about more than measuring demand. The layered experience helped PLAION achieve 138% of their pre-sales target.

67,675 AR experience launches

With over 67,500 launches, PLAION could attribute nearly one launch per pre-ordered game for incredible ROI of their program.

3 out of 4 game assets launched per session on average

Gamers didn’t just try the AR experience, they explored all the corners of it. With 75% of the assets accessed in a given session, the link between the experience and demand grew even stronger.