3D Configurators

Boost conversions with 3D product personalization

Ocavu's web-based 3D Configurators enable buyers to customize your products and place them in their own space using any mobile device.

This unique ability to "make it their own" digitally increases pre-sale engagement, builds confidence, and fuels buying obsession.
AR Configurator by Ocavu
3D Configurator by Ocavu
We've Configured it out

The Fastest, most Affordable
AR-enabled 3D Configurator.

Our ground-breaking 3D Configurator Platform enables us to deliver configurators without heavy custom development. Launch in just weeks, not 4-8 months, and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Full turn-key 3D modeling and design services
Unlimited configurators hosted for one price
Self-manageable for fast, no-cost updates
Easy embedding anywhere on the web
Custom wizards, forms or integrations
Full analytics on every selection

Powerful no-code 3D Configurator Builder tool.

Ocavu delivers fully-managed configurators or we can train your internal team on our no-code Configurator Builder platform. Our 3D Configurator Builder works in 3 steps:
1. Create Selection Groups
Decide what your customers can change. Color, style, optional features? Limitless combinations.
2. Set your Options
How do objects change when your customer makes a selection? Add a few options or a few hundred.
3. Set Optional Logic Rules
"If this, then that" conditional logic engine for advanced control of 3D objects, groups, and options.
Try our real-time 3D Jeep Configurator above
3D Configurators

Close more deals.

Indecision is a deal killer. Configurators are the ultimate see-before-you-buy visualization tool for online and in-person sales teams.