How can 3D and Augmented Reality help my business?

January 1, 2024
How can 3D and Augmented Reality help my business?

With the speed of emerging tech, it is easy to understand why 3D and AR could be seen as a fad or even a “solution looking for a problem”.

We’ll provide some evidence to the contrary later in this article, but let’s start by taking a step back and reverse-engineering the problem (or opportunity). For successful businesses, every metric, initiative, and activity maps up to the ultimate goal, and that is almost always profit. Profit can be accomplished in many ways, higher conversions, lowering costs, reduced returns or churn, better support, growth/marketing, etc. Your company deploys a range of strategies to accomplish these various initiatives, and ultimately, 3D/AR is just one tool, one strategy you can leverage to achieve success.

It is not about the technology, it is about the results.

So why have a 3D/AR strategy?

The strategies you choose depend on their effectiveness, and that is why the 3D/AR industry is growing rapidly. We’ve built our business on proving this value to our customers, providing data to measure their return on investment. With this information, our clients accomplish a small piece of the puzzle - a mechanism that produces profit at multiples of the cost and effort it takes to maintain. This is why Ocavu provides not just a platform for 3D hosting, management, and deployment, but a full turn-key service with a team of 3D creative experts that can “run with it” on behalf of our resource-limited clients.

Ocavu provides solutions for sales, marketing, education, and training - we just happen to utilize 3D and AR to do it.

But how does 3D/AR perform better than other strategies?

3D and AR excel in several ways, but to do this, it needs to be accessible to your customers. This is the power of web-based 3D and AR. Launching from a mobile browser without requiring an app download or needing an expensive VR/MR headset means that 3D and AR experiences are readily available for any user with access to a browser.

For online sales

Two key areas businesses often want to improve are conversions (closing at the point of sale) and minimizing returns. Being able to visualize, educate, and even personalize a product in 3D drives engagement and buyer confidence significantly. A recent study by Shopify proves the value of these technologies as a digital try-before-you-buy tool:

  • 94% of online stores that leverage 3D and AR have seen a significant conversion lift
  • Online stores utilizing 3D/AR measured a 40% reduction in product returns

Ocavu is a Shopify partner. Our web SDK enables 3D experiences to be embedded on any eCommerce platform or website with just 2 lines of code.

Top retailers are heavily onboard with 3D and AR (screenshots from mid-2023)

One of the benefits of Ocavu is the “create once, deploy everywhere” capability of our 3D Experience Platform. Many of our customers use their 3D assets/experiences on their own website as well as 3rd party reseller sites like Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and more. With Ocavu’s robust suite of analytics, each deployment can be measured down to every 3D swipe, tap, call-to-action, or AR launch.

For in-person sales

Using 3D/AR such as an iPad-based in-person sales enablement tool is highly effective and sales teams love it. We receive great feedback on how indispensable 3D/AR is with helping excite customers, educate them, and close the sale, particularly for physical products that are difficult to carry around. One of the ways that Nestlé leverages Ocavu’s technology is for their sales team to demonstrate coffee machines and large in-store displays to retailers. In addition to utilizing AR for multiple global brand websites, Ocavu's 3D/AR visualization tools play a critical role in supporting their global in-person sales team. 

Thermospas have deployed an Ocavu-powered 3D configurator on the main banner of their website and for in-home sales consultations. The ability to select and customize hot tub models, choose the shell and cabinet materials/colors, number of jets, and add-ons is extremely powerful. Placing this personalized hot tub in the customer’s home or backyard with augmented reality provides an extra feeling of ownership for the buyer, removing indecision through uncertainty, and helping close the sale.

Thermospas configurator powered by Ocavu
For in-store sales

Providing a QR code either on-product or on-shelf (even if out of stock) allows customers to visualize the product already assembled and inspire them at point of purchase. This is a solution that Ocavu has provided for LEGO who utilize it at Walmart and other retailers globally. Shoppers can experience the joy of their LEGO sets coming alive in augmented reality right there in the store.

Launching a Lego AR experience from a shelf talker QR code in Walmart
For marketing

AR is a highly effective tool for brand awareness and for driving customers to the point of sale (typically a website or a physical store). Whether organic or paid advertising (Ocavu is a Google 3D ads-approved partner), marketers want to leave a lasting impression. Many turn to ‘wow-factor’ campaigns or gamified experiences to boost engagement, drive more business and maximize reach. AR experiences are being leveraged by many businesses, even those with a simple product where the need for 3D configuration or visualization may not be as strong.

Saints Row "Self Made" AR Experience

One such example is the launch campaign Ocavu built for the AAA game title Saints Row. For Saints Row, the campaign was about driving hype and brand recognition as much as it was about registering interest pre-product launch. Consumers could choose a game prop to “take a selfie” within augmented reality to enter a competition. This highly successful campaign helped Saints Row achieve 138% of its launch goal.

Another Ocavu customer who has achieved success with AR is itk, the skincare brand of influencers Brooklyn and Bailey. Their products ship with a QR code right on the packaging. We’ve collaborated on interactive AR experiences for both pre-sale and post-sale, where consumers can learn about the product ingredients and even take a selfie with a digital version of the influencers in AR.

There are many ways that the excitement and engagement of 3D and AR can be leveraged to achieve results. At Ocavu we’ve launched AR experiences at BYU football games (thousands of people QR scanning from the jumbotron), to supporting educational websites and museums with 3D and AR-based learning. We’re even working with restaurants on interactive menus and “See it on your plate” AR experiences.

Contact Ocavu to discuss how we can help you engage, captivate, and drive results using our cutting-edge turn-key 3D and AR technology.