How Overstock Grew Conversion by 150% with Ocavu

November 1, 2022
How Overstock Grew Conversion by 150% with Ocavu


The Overstock team understood the power of augmented reality experiences in converting customers. Overstock had already built AR into the Overstock mobile application, but the team also knew its primary sales channel was its website. 

Overstock came to Ocavu because they needed AR experiences to meet customers in every available channel. More importantly, the Overstock team also needed a way to create the same experience for thousands of products and manage the full cycle of their 3D assets given their business model.


With the help of Ocavu, Overstock offers 3D models with an AR view directly through their website for the ultimate buyer experience. Ocavu’s templates and deploy-anywhere platform helped Overstock optimize and AR-enable over 20,000 3D models across its site in only six weeks.

“I’m proud of our partners, like Ocavu, that have dedicated countless hours to embed this technology in our platform and help us launch the world’s largest omni-channel AR experience in e-commerce.” - Sumit Goyal, Chief Digital Officer at


Optimized and AR-enabled over 20,000 3D models in just 6 weeks

Ocavu's plaftorm turned months of work into a six week project. The Ocavu Portal (CMS) made it easy for the Overstock team to maintain their library.

150% increase in conversion for Overstock

The ROI for was huge. Their project achieved a 150% increase in conversions for products with AR-enabled experiences.

25% decrease in returns for Overstock

With returns costing businesses an average of 66% of the original item's price, a 25% decrease in product returns delivered serious value for