How itk Skincare Won the Attention of Gen Z Buyers with Ocavu

April 1, 2023
How itk Skincare Won the Attention of Gen Z Buyers with Ocavu

If anyone knows how to stand out from the crowd, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight. With 6.6M followers and 311.9M likes on TikTok, the duo and their partners at beauty brand incubator Maesa already knew they needed to connect to their audience to help their new affordable, vegan skincare brand, Itk, stand out on shelves at Walmart. 

itk carefully designed their packaging to be instantly recognizable and perfect for an Instagram “shelfie”, but the team also wanted to continue the brand story beyond the aesthetics by continuing the existing connection Brooklyn and Bailey already had with their target market.


itk wanted to do more than show off the product. They need a way to grow and maintain a strong connection with their buyers, from Walmart and into the buyer’s home. The Itk team had two goals: 

  1. Build the brand relationship by educating buyers on clean beauty in the store
  2. Grow and maintain the relationship with exclusive, interactive brand experiences at home

The itk and Maesa teams had an additional challenge: they only had 8 weeks to design, create, and deploy the experience.


Maesa came to Ocavu to deliver two unique AR experiences for the itk launch in 2022. 

With one QR code on the outer packaging, itk saved valuable space on the product and delivered more product engagement in store. Ocavu’s app-less AR deployment allowed itk buyers to take the product out of the package and learn more about the itk range while they weighed up their beauty purchases in Walmart.

With another QR code on the product packaging, the second experience brought the buyer into Brooklyn and Bailey’s world and extended the experience of both brands. The AR experience included more education on the ingredients list, a staple in clean beauty. But it also went further and included a fun element for buyers to snap a selfie with Brooklyn and Bailey to keep or share on social media.

"Ocavu stepped up to deliver an AR experience, in a very quick time frame, when our other partner couldn't. The software made it incredibly easy to go to market, view real-time analytics, and continue to optimize the experience as we learned from the data.” - Marci Richards, Maesa


The in-store AR experience is launched from a QR code on the outer packaging. A second at-home AR experience is launched from the bottle.
6 weeks to launch

Ocavu created the AR experience and had QR codes printed on the packaging in under 6 weeks. With a fast delivery, Maesa had time to get approval from Walmart and be ready to go months before the products arrived in store.

300k total experience launches and counting

Once itk launched at Walmart, proof of concept was instant. Customers drove 87k experience launches in store and 53k launches at home in just the first 3 months, proving that their audience had an interest in the brand’s core ethos.