Key Takeaways:

  • New skin-care brand ITK launches accessible and clean new line with AR packaging
  • In store experience with the packaging allows you to interact with the line
  • Virtual experience guides customer journey through complimentary products 

Tiktok creators Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight recently launched a new line of skincare products called ITK (which stands for In The Know) with the goal of providing clean skin-care at an affordable price. Along with filling that niche in the world of skin-care, another differentiator ITK has is that the packaging has a technology based twist – an augmented reality experience. 

Clay Color Changing Mask by ITK


Where does AR fit in the beauty industry?

In a competitive market, standing out for the right reasons is key to capturing loyal customers and repeat sales. ITK ticks all of the boxes that are needed for an appealing product – clean and transparent ingredients on the packaging, free of harmful additives, aesthetically pleasing (and recyclable) packaging fit for any instagram “shelfie” – all at an affordable price (no product is more than $15). So what else could the brand do to go above and beyond when they’re already checking so many boxes? ITK decided to implement AR right on the packaging to add to the consumer experience. 


Brooklyn & Bailey didn’t want to just show the product on you in AR, they wanted to educate and inform the consumer. Shopping in Walmart has a different need than when you have the product and you begin to use it. This created two distinct AR use cases: to educate while shopping & to connect the brand with the consumer while at home. 


 In Store Experience

With so many products to choose from, the goal was to educate and inform the buyer to make the best decision for them and their skin. Once the QR code is scanned with any standard phone camera (no app required), you can virtually take the product out of the package, see the product and learn about other similar products that may be a good fit for you. 


AR Interaction at Home

ITK wanted to create an intimate at-home experience for the consumer that would help to better understand the product and the brand. To accomplish this, the product and key ingredients are shown in AR and allows the user to read about the key ingredients. While the goal is to be informative and educational, they made sure to include a fun experience where if you tap on the product virtually, you can take a selfie with Brooklyn and Bailey to keep or share on social. 


Try ITK experience for yourself 

ITK QR Code Preview Powered By OcavuITK QR Code

Mobile Experience – Click here


How does the experience work? 

ITK’s AR experience is built on the OcavuXR Platform. The platform houses all of your assets to be easily deployed anywhere and is made with clicks only, no coding ability required. Additional features include quality control and assurance, channel-standard verification, cloud-storage and file organization. Best of all, Ocavu has the right experts for whatever stage you’re at – from AR newbies with no 3D files to seasoned pros.


Why is AR important for cosmetics and skin-care?

AR built on Ocavu is easy to use and future-proof so investing in a strategy now is going to be a long-term improvement for your marketing mix. With an AR strategy similar to ITK’s, you can build a program that is both memorable and informative for your customers. Ocavu customers have seen up to a 4x increased conversion rate, 30% less returns and 75% higher order values. Start your AR journey with Ocavu today to be among the beauty brands of tomorrow.


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