Ocavu’s creation and capture team is comprised of world class designers, artist, and modelers, who bring decades of experience creating optimized 3D models for AR/VR/MR across the web. With internal teams and global strategic partners, we can scale without compromising quality.

Have a project? Ocavu makes 3D creation easy, fast, and frustration free.

What makes us special

  • Studio manages the entire project life cycle.
  • Automated file analysis and compatibility checks.
  • 3D markup, collaboration, and review tools.
  • Over 35 custom pipelines for 3D optimization.
  • We’ve created tens of thousands of 3D models.
  • We create and fix files for the worlds top brands because we’ve earned it.
  • We constantly learn and experiment with tools, techniques, and approaches.
  • We manage the entire process so you don't have to.
  • We scale to meet your needs, at any volume.
  • Robust QA processes for best quality in the industry..
  • Stay up-to-date with complete visibility in Studio.

3D Creation Process

Augmented Reality Uses

3D Modeling

  • Create 3D models from 2D or CAD files.
  • Optimize 3D models for AR, VR, and mobile apps.
  • 3D modeling set up for configurators, virtual photography, and other needs.
  • Can scale to nearly any volume of 3D projects.

3D Scanning

  • Scanning of small to large objects and conversion to complete 3D models.
  • Different resolution options to meet any budget.
  • Managed and processed in Studio for file optimization and conversions.

Animation & Rigging

  • Animate existing or new 3D models
  • Configure interactive animations (tap/click to initiate).
  • Capture and export videos of animated 3D objects.
  • Expert guidance on web capabilities and limitations.

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