powered by the OcavuXR Platform

Using the OcavuXR Platform’s core functionality, Ocavu brings an augmented reality configurator, mobile scene creator planner, and every channel integration needed to make Ocavu a one-stop-shop for all things 3D.


powered by the OcavuXR Platform

The places for 3D models to be delivered is varied in destination and use. The Integrations is a one-to-many solution for all your 3D models.

One Platform, Many Destinations

It shouldn’t be hard to get 3D models into the hands of customers. Whether it’s a Snap lens, a 3D model of an eCommerce product or an entire scene created for the metaverse, Ocavu can get your models to the right place with a single click.

eCommerce Empowered

Optimizing conversion rates and decreasing cart abandonement is the name of the game when it comes to eCommerce. Luckily, Ocavu’s patented technology has been shown to increase conversions by 4x, lower product returns by 30%, and increase customer stickiness by 50%. Customers like their shopping experience to involve 3D and we think you’ll like it too.


powered by the OcavuXR Platform

The custom experience has never been more accessible than now. Ocavu’s taken this tried-and-true product and elevated it with an augmented reality solution. It’s the new standard.

Timeless Design for the Future

Customers have a strong expectation to be able to configure products and customize them to their liking. Stepping into the visual configurator space has never been as easy as it is with Ocavu. Using a minimalist design language, customers experience the least amount of friction possible to receive the most utility from your configurated products.

CPQ Integration

Adding a visual layer to your already integrated CPQ is a simple integration with Ocavu. Evolving an already integrated system, or setting up a CPQ with on of Ocavu’s trusted partners, becomes an easy step with Ocavu’s dedicated and experienced onboarding team.

Configuration to Augmented Reality

Using configuration as a base, Ocavu elevates this tried-and-true customer experience with an augmented reality offering. As customers see their own take on your products, in their space, they build an emotional connection between their reality and products they’ve made their own.


powered by the OcavuXR Platform

Industrial planning with augmented reality is changed with Ocavu’s mobile Planner solution. Effortlessly scan environments, place 3D models, and deliver plans all in one place.

Scan and Plan on the Go

Creating environments has always been a huge lift for businesses looking to plan and execute designs in a 3D space. Planner is changing that in a dramatic way by enabling users to scan environments, then add 3D models to the space to make plans for future development.

Iterate at Unprecedented Speeds

Moving quickly is important in today’s world – we understand that at Ocavu. Iterating quickly, getting approval on plans, designs, and ideas is as easy as a simple tap with Planner. From there, commenting on designs, and suggesting areas for improvement, engages a new standard of efficiency.

Connect to Your CRM

A single source of truth is imperative with operations both at scale and in their infancy. Connecting Planner to your choice of CRM is a simple integration with Ocavu.

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