How to Update a Model

Step 1

Click “Edit”


Step 2

Click “Draft”


Step 3

Click “Edit”


Step 4

Make desired edits or simply drop a new updated 3D file over the existing one and choose “replace current asset.” Then click “Save” at the top right. And you’ve now successfully updated the asset. The URL will stay the same as the prior model. *Important note: this will override your previous model. If you would like to keep the original draft and make a new draft, please follow to Step 5.


Step 5 (if you’d like to keep the original draft)

Simply click “new draft” in the top right. Or, alternatively, to create a duplicate of the prior draft, click the 3 dots at the bottom right and then click “duplicate.” This will allow you to have two identical drafts to work with and edit. You can then choose which draft to publish. That published draft will be the default draft when you go to view the AR model.