Own Your Community

Turn fans into stakeholders who enrich community by buying and selling virtual assets and real-world experiences

Sticky Tickets

Smart contracts built for long-term Audience engagement.

1. Author Sticky Tickets by minting an NFT and assigning core functionality

2. Publish into a marketplace of your choosing

3. Reward community members with access to virtual velvet ropes and exclusive content

4. Further reward members with access to real-world events

Your Marketplace

Universal Wallet

Link your existing wallets or create a new Ocavu Wallet

Buy & Sell

Trade assets or tokens to earn value

Track Trades

Follow in real-time to see how your market’s assets are performing

Drive Points & Loyalty

Link rewards programs to user actions in the marketplace

Turnkey Tokens

White-Labeled Community Engine

Instant Liquidity

Provide liquidity to qualifying communities with instant token creation driven by the Ocavu Network Token (from the Ocavu Treasury)

On-Chain Purchases with Credit and Debit

Allow for blockchain purchases directly with fiat currency through the Ocavu Network Token


Our Wallet Takes Cards

Convert to and from fiat easily with credit card purchases for NFTs (thanks to Ocavu Network Token)

IRL Gate

Integrate real-life events into Sticky Tickets, Marketplace rewards, and Token programs

Partners & Clients