Ocavu Network is a collection of (d)Apps that can be used to power communities, connect brands to fans, and level-up the fan experience for real-life and virtual events. Add real world utility to your community and Web3 strategy by leveraging a network of lightweight tools.

  • White-labeled digital wallet for asset management and direct fan access
  • Integrated ticketing and smart contract functionality
  • Manage access to gated and premium content, your marketplace, and discussion threads
  • Purchase directly with credit cards (fiat) to make purchasing assets as easy as possible
  • Reward community members and fans with loyalty points and rewards


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Benefits of Ocavu

With the Ocavu Network, you can enhance your community and fan experience with blockchain embedded technologies that support community fundamentals.

Trusted Infrastructure Customer Retention
Create winning customer experiences Robust (d)Apps
Speed to market Flexibility of APIs

Studio Products

Sticky Tickets

Ocavu’s digital ticketing solution allows you to engage with your fans like never before. By leveraging Ocavu’s utility layer and integrated digital wallet, you can deliver effective and measurable campaigns, monetize the secondary market, and have full control over the fan experience. With Ocavu’s Sticky Ticket solution you can:

Allow marketing to deliver effective and measurable campains around your events.
Airdrop and interact with fans through your own digital wallet for easy and automated redemption.
Capture secondary market transactions.
Collect key data and fan behaviors with custom reporting.
Eliminate ticket scalping, ticketing fraud, and price gouging.
Turn your tickets into digital collectables that live beyond the event.

Control the fan experience with safe, secure, and verifiable Sticky Tickets from Ocavu.

Gated Content Access

Ocavu Gate is a website add-on that enables gated content and access based on the contents of the user’s custodial wallet. With the Ocavu Gate’s blockchain embedded wallet and gating system you can:

Offer premium content behind a smart and dynamic paywall.
Use NFTs/ERC-721 technology to provide and verify access.
Tailor the user experiences based on collected digital assets and tickets.
Set up purchase or subscription based access to content.
Easily adjust and control access per digital asset.
Airdrop or sell digital assets with crypto or fiat (Credit Cards).

Scale your brand with a dynamic and tailored fan experience with Ocavu Gated Content Access.

Community Management

Ocavu Community Management allows brands, influencers, and more to grow and monetize their communities by deploying lightweight Web3 tools that create engagement and sustained community growth. The Ocavu’s Community Management solution you can:

Easily deploy a whitelabled digital wallet for asset and ticket storage.
Offer digital assets with easily definable utility and access.
Automated point and loyalty system to reward fans for the behaviors that matter most.
Enable purchasing, selling, and trading of assets with a credit card (crypto optional).
Incorporate familiar social behaviors (like, share, comment) that encourage members to easily engage one another.
Allow points or digital assets to be used to redeem access, tickets, or other utility.

Power your community with blockchain embedded tools to enhance the fan experience while growing and monetizing your community with ease.


Unleash your fan experience with the Power of Web3