Ocavu Studio is your infrastructure and portal to create, manage, and deploy 3D and AR experiences. Unlock your brand and product storytelling with all the tools and resources in a single location.

  • Complete asset manager for storage and organization of 3D files.
  • Experience templates to easily create the perfect AR experience.
  • Robust analytics available on-demand.
  • Easily add on no-code configurators or the planogram app.
  • Automated 3D editing and optimization tools to get files AR ready.
  • Click button deployment to anywhere on the web, no app required.


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Studio Products

Virtual Library & Deployment

Ocavu’s Studio platform is your complete virtual library and deployment platform. Everything from file optimization tools, experience templates, to built in integrations for push-button publishing. With Ocavu’s virtual library and deployment platform, you can:

Manage all of your 3D assets in a single location, with access controls for small and global teams.
Go beyond static 3D and AR with browser support of interactive and animated experiences.
Easily manage and update 3D and AR experiences with built in templates and tools.
35+ pipelines for automated 3D file optimization and experience set up.
Dynamic localization for AR experience language translation.
Omnichannel deployment of 3D assets through built-in integrations.

Easily add 3D and AR experiences to your website with Ocavu’s virtual library and deployment platform.

3D Creation & Capture

Ocavu leverages in-house and global partners to create world class 3D models of appliances to avatars for ecommerce, digital inventories, AR experiences, and 3D NFTs. With Ocavu’s 3D team, you have a partner that can:

Create digital assets from 2D images, CAD files, or even physical products.
Expert designers, engineers, and artists that have worked with top global brands and entertainment studios.
Produce world class 3D models that are optimized for the web, AR, and VR.
Automated and software enabled QA for scale and quality.
Flexible creation queue with the ability to process thousands of 3D files at a time.
Leverages in-house and off-shore teams to hit price points without sacrificing quality.

Have a project? Ocavu makes 3D creation easy, fast, and frustration free.

Product Storytelling

Allow users to visualize their exact needs in their space. User-driven customization can decrease sales cycles, increase quote volume, and offer instant pricing solutions. With Ocavu’s web configurator, you can:

Drive conversions, engagement, and sales with high quality visualization.
Utilize for lead generation and/or an engaging consultative sales experience.
Collect quote requests with complete Bill-of-Materials delivered to your inbox.
Self-service portal means you can keep up with product changes without costly change requests.
Visualize products in 3D or in AR right from the web, no app required.
Collect rich data around which options and styles generate the most actions.

Level-up your shopping experience and increase sales with Ocavu Studio and Configurator.

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Unleash your marketing with 3D & AR experiences