Easy Asset Management

Universal library to manage, publish, and track all your virtual assets

Push-Button Publishing

Scalable Asset Delivery

Seamless Front Ends

Templates that give any storefront impact to increase conversion rates and basket size

Omnichannel Deployment

Publish anywhere in clicks not code with automated model optimization, unversal updates, and easy NFT minting

Virtual Collections

Digital asset monetization

Sticky Tickets

Tailor NFTs into assets that integrate into existing events and reward programs through smart contracts

Drive Community

Build community with assets that can be bought, collected, and traded


Visualize Performance

Real-time Campaign Performance

With built-in dashboards, you can easily see how your different campaigns are performing in real-time

Holistic Insights

Compare products, communities, campaigns to inform clear decision making for easy optimization

Web2 Integrations

Easily connect with Built-in APIs

Website Integrations

Easily connect Ocavu to one or many websites with .js and .html auto generation for copy and paste integrations

Payments, Social, apps

Connect your tools and apps for easy scaling and management with built in integrations and a flexible API


3D Modeling & Scanning

Ocavu leverages in-house and network partners to serve model creation from appliances to avatars for ecommerce, digital inventories, AR experiences, and NFTs.


Configure in 3D & AR

Allow users to visualize their exact needs in their room. User-driven customization can decrease sales cycles, increase quote volume, and offer instant pricing solutions.


Scan and Plan on the Go

Industrial planning with augmented reality is changed with Ocavu’s mobile Planner solution. Effortlessly scan environments, place 3D models, and deliver plans all in one place.


Patented and Patented Pending Technology

Ocavu has over a dozen awarded patents and pending patents for Extended Reality (XR), blockchain, metaverse, and NFT technologies. This proprietary technology seamlessly enables brands and influencers the ability to create dynamic and immersive content across platforms at extraordinary scale.

Partners & Clients