Ocavu AMA 11/29/2022


Ocavu’s AMA on November 29th, 2022 focused on the blockchain ticketing solution called ‘Sticky Tickets’. Jon Cheney, Ocavu CEO and Founder, speaks on the value of this product and the progress Ocavu is making with this key solution. 


Sticky Tickets Key Topics 

  • What are Sticky Tickets and how they can help the event industry (including platforms like Ticketmaster and Artists like Taylor Swift)
  • Digitalization of both the ticket and airdropping content to further engage with fans including co-branded offers
  • Easy and secure transfer of tickets for both the vendor and for the fans

What are Sticky Tickets?

Ocavu’s blockchain ticketing solution allows you to engage with your fans like never before. By leveraging the Ocavu’s utility layer and the blockchain infrastructure, you can monetize the secondary market while providing a safe, secure, and engaging fan experience. With Ocavu’s Sticky Ticket solution you can:


  • Engage with fans like never before
  • Capture secondary market transactions
  • Attach utility to the fan experience
  • Collect key data and fan behaviors with custom reporting
  • Eliminate ticket scalping, ticketing fraud, and price gouging
  • Turn your tickets into digital collectables that live beyond the event

Control the fan experience with safe, secure, and verifiable Sticky Tickets from Ocavu.


You can read more about Sticky Tickets here.


Additional Questions That Were Asked and Answered

  1. Are there plans to recover the Token price?
  2. How much time is left in streaming the Token?
  3. What are other companies doing with ticketing on the blockchain?
  4. Can you touch on the value of Sticky Tickets for the resale marketplace?
  5. How do we protect against bots?


Watch the recording to learn the answers.


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