(Cougs)Rise to the Occasion with a Community Engagement Platform


With the rising popularity of NIL deals for college athletes, the search is on to find ways to leverage the newfound potential. There are agencies, sponsorships and brand deals that support the athletes. But what if we told you, you could own your entire community? 


What is an NIL deal?

Let us start with the basics. An NIL deal, or “Name, Image, Likeness deal” is a newer concept in the world of collegiate athletics. Historically, college level athletes have not had the opportunity to profit off their name and abilities, but the schools themselves were able to sell tickets and merchandise. That situation did not treat the talent fairly, so NIL deals were brought to life. Now, student-athletes can earn commissions, be sponsored, work with brands, and even receive products for their endorsements. These kinds of programs attach an athlete with a brand, but what happens when an athlete wants to be promoted as a brand themselves?


Building a Blockchain Stable Community PlatformBuilding a Blockchain Stable Community Platform

A fan engagement platform built on the blockchain allows teams and athletes to customize the offerings in a fun and secure way. Your athletes become content creators, giving exclusive content to top fans through the platform. The communication can go from one-way, where content is given to the end-user, or to two-way communication. You can truly engage fans and supporters and give them the platform to interact back with you. 


An example of one of these fan engagement platforms is BYU Athletics CougsRise.com, powered by Ocavu. Content is available in the form of digital collectibles which are an NFT version of your classic trading card. You can purchase packs to try your luck at various levels (Traditional, Rare, Epic and Legendary) for cards featuring favorite moments, athletes, and mascots. 


Bringing IRL Utility to Digital Collectibles

The digital collectibles are fun to collect, resell and buy in the secondary market, but they also have utility tied to them. There are experiences, either offered by BYU Athletics, specific teams, or players themselves, that can be earned by completing a specific set of cards. A fan with the right cards (or the determination to find the right cards in the marketplace) can claim an experience with that set. 


For BYU, the options are the ultimate fan experiences like firing the cannon at the game, meeting players during warmups and even hanging out with the mascot, Cosmo. The experiences are limited and change consistently to keep things interesting. If you are looking to build a fan engagement platform, the options are endless for what you can offer your community to earn. 


Supporting the Student Athlete

Community engagement platforms are the perfect way to support your favorite student athletes as they navigate the new world of NIL deals. The community experience is up to the creators, so you end up with a highly authentic way to connect. For the athletes themselves, there is uncapped potential for earnings and the ability to own the way their NIL is used. 


Hearing from the Fans

To truly feel the value of a community engagement platform, here are some thoughts from BYU fans that have earned experiences:


“Thanks Ocavu and Cougsrise for letting my son and I get on the field before the game and all the Cougar Tails. He has been raving all week about the chance he had to throw footballs with some of the players on the field before the game. This is one experience we won’t forget anytime soon.” – JenkDawg


“It was amazing! Received detailed instructions on when and where to meet. Got to stand on the sideline for some extra minutes, the ROTC was detailed on what to do exactly to fire the cannon. I was able to do it and they let my wife do it as well! It was awesome!” – Andrew


CryptoCoug at the Cannon

CryptoCoug at the George Q Cannon


“Thank you Ocavu and Cougsrise! I honestly went into this wondering if the experience was worth it. My daughter felt the same. We both left so glad we got to do it. We won’t be the last NFT holders to fire the cannon, but we will always be the first!” – Crypto Coug


How Ocavu Can Help You Own Your Community

Move away from 3rd party providers to fully own a customizable and authentic community engagement platform. Ocavu has the Web3 tools and experts needed to help you start smoothly and support you along the way. This process is built directly into your website, so the platform is as customizable as the content you will offer. 


Contact us today to learn the steps to blockchain based engagement. Let us brainstorm together the right exclusive content and experiences you can offer to reward your top fans. 


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