Decentralized Communities and Categories That Can Easily Adopt Them


Key Points

  • Common threads for wanting to get into Web3
  • What categories can easily adopt a decentralized community
  • Where Ocavu fits into your strategy

Web3 allows you to fully own and activate your community. If you are looking to create real value for everyone involved from fan to creator, a decentralized community is the solution you need. 


Signs You Should Get Into Web3Signs - Decentralized Communities
There are common threads we see for anyone who wants to get into Web3. If you identify with any of the following, you should consider adopting a Web3 strategy for your community. 


  • Do your fans or customers have a desire to connect with you as a creator (whether that be related to a brand, entertainment, etc)? Ultimately, people are looking to connect more and in real ways.
  • Do you want to focus on the top percentage of your following and reward them with allowing them exclusive access?
  • Do you have a one way-platform and are looking to get into two-way communication?
  • Would you like to set up a system that allows you to connect in deeper ways?
  • Would you benefit from owning your following’s data to connect with them to foster the relationship?
  • Do you want to own your community without a third party like a web provider or social media platform?

Ocavu is built so communities can create a more direct connection to communicate with fans, and fans can communicate with them. Interaction can be tiered to prioritize and advance the relationships.


Let us talk about some categories where we see an opportunity to truly benefit from Web3.


Sports - Decentralized Communities1. Sports Teams and Athletes

Athletics already have a strong following so what can you do to engage them more? With Web3, the solution is digital assets or collectibles that have tied-in utility. These assets act like a ticket that gives access to something special like premium content and events. We are using that structure to make these experiences cravable for fans. For an example, check out


2. Media, Artists and Influencers

Right now, if you want to engage with your favorite show, actor, musician, or influencer, you can connect with them on social media or even supplementary content sites, but communication is one way. With a community engagement platform, fans can earn varying levels of interaction with their favorite entities. Building a Web3 community also makes the platform stickier – members can leave or rotate in and out and the community remains unphased. 


3. BrandsBrands - Decentralized Communities

You might not think that brands have fans, but a brand’s customer base is truly a fan base. Brands can engage their top fans with Web3 by offering utility in the form of exclusive access, sales and products. This would be beneficial for mining data as well. Currently, brands get that data from surveys, but Web3 would open a two-way conversation. Get value to make your products better and give value back with implementing those improvements with Web3. 


4. Gaming and Technology

Users like owning their own items and having the ability to transfer between games and systems so the achievable goal of Web3 is interoperability. This is a category that is already starting to adopt this thought process. The more that adopt this equates to more who are not left behind. 


Healthcare - Decentralized Communities5. Medical and Healthcare

Have you ever thought about how you do not actually own your own medical records? There are many options for each practice to choose from when it comes to patient portals. They are generally built to be closed walled. You do not have control over what is transferred, who it is transferred to or when as you have to ask one system to transfer your data to another. With Web3, you could own and control your own information. 


6. Soulbound NFTs

Like medical and healthcare records, you could own data like your driver’s license and passport. These are referred to as Soulbound NFTs meaning that they are NFTs that only belong to you and are not sellable. While a lot must go into creating a platform that would ensure the security needs, this segment could be a game changer. 


Where does Ocavu fit in? Ocavu Logo

Ocavu focuses on building a system that allows communities to take control and to be able to add the features needed to truly connect with their fans right on the website. Bring your site to life with the tools you need all in one place. Find new ways to reward your fans that bring you the most value. 


To learn more, watch Jon Cheney’s (Founder and CEO of Ocavu) AMA here.


Fit into a category or see one that we missed? Contact us to learn more about the first step of implementing Web3 into your industry.