A shopper uses AU for retail

AR trends are hard to keep up with because technology is evolving and changing every day. We understand this and want to provide up to date experiences as well as share knowledge with you so you stay current too. We are proud of our role in helping Augmented Reality (AR) technology be a bigger part of your life.

To better understand what to watch for in terms of emerging technology, we have made a list of the top 5 AR Trends for 2022.

1. AR in the Metaverse

We think that over the next few years, we’ll see a boom in augmented reality tied to the Metaverse. Building off of the success of platforms like Pokemon Go, the integration of real and augmented reality should continue to trend. Because we can only just imagine how AR and new technologies will look, feel, or shape experience, we’ll call this our favorite augmented reality future trend.

2. AR in Healthcare

There are incredible applications for AR technology in healthcare and medicine. Medical Futurist explains that, among other uses, “AR can help surgeons become more efficient at surgeries. Whether they are conducting a minimally invasive procedure or locating a tumor in the liver, AR healthcare apps can help save lives and treat patients seamlessly.” 

Watch for this trend to grow as technologies expand.

3. AR in Education

With the expansion in remote schooling, there suddenly became a need for expanded AR technologies in the education sector. 

This is leading to innovations like interactive classrooms. Maryville University says that with “AR components, educational institutions can incorporate interactive classrooms into their curricula. Why use augmented reality in education? Using AR in the classroom can improve learning by helping educators create interactive classrooms that increase student engagement.” 

By accessing content with AR applications, mobile devices, or wearable tech, education can become a more immersive experience. We anticipate that this trend in augmented reality will continue to grow, and will shape education into the future.

4. AR in E-Commerce

Another favorite trend of ours, and one that we expect to flourish, is the use of AR in e-commerce. AR is successfully utilized to allow consumers to see the purchases they are making online in their real-world spaces.This trend is decreasing product returns and increasing conversions for retailers.

As TechCrunch tells us, Amazon has even created a “new feature called Virtual Try-On for Shoes that will allow customers to visualize how a pair of new shoes will look on themselves from multiple angles using their mobile phone’s camera.”

From furniture stores to eyeglasses to clothing, 3D modeling and AR content are shaping the online user experience in amazing ways. 

5. AR in Retail

In addition to online applications, there are exciting trends in AR in retail in the physical world as well. An increasing number of retailers are offering AR experiences in their stores, enabling customers access to product information, reviews, and even the chance to see how products will look in their homes before they buy. This type of mixed reality immersive experience shopping may well be what the future looks like.

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