Key Points

  • Panel with Seeks very own, Sturgis, Chris, and Isaac
  • Discussion how people who have no interest in Crypto and Web3 can simply transition into the digital world

On this panel we discussed how our communities have already begun adapting digital entities into their everyday lives. Cash-app and Venmo and other resources have begun using crypto and many early adapters have utilized these resources to buy these digital assets but through these apps we are very limited. The way these apps are set up limit your choices and freedom. These apps do not let you transfer these currencies and you cannot use them in the way they are ment to be used.

Yet many of these large companies such as Instagram and Youtube that are beginning to use digital assets and enter the metaverse have created a system that will bring in many of users but not reward your everyday creator/user. Algorithms are set in place to reward you early and pull away from you as you continue down the road. That put the power into these large corporations to control these spaces yet again. The advantages of decentralized finances makes it possible for there not to be anyone in charge and running the algorithms but instead puts the power back into the people

These topics and many more were discussed in the 8th episode of Hitchhikers guide series