Key Points

  • What Seek does to ensure a sustainable business mind and strategy
  • How Web3 and XR will effect our environment in the future
  • Ideas on how you can reduce your carbon footprint

Seek strives to leave things better than where they found them. This past earth day we took a second and looked back at what we are doing to remain a trustworthy and sustainable company. We looked at some of our partnerships and our efforts within the company such as sharing office space and working in smaller places in the early stages of Seek. We want to be sure as we move forward with XR and Web3 that we are doing so in a way that will help the environment rather than harming it.

Carbon footprint is an issue that we can all work together to improve as well. We each have a responsibility to know how much energy we are using and exactly how much that is harming others around us. As we continue on into the digital age we must understand our personal responsibilities and take care of the world outside the monitors.