An animation showing a woman viewing metaverse marketing

The metaverse is coming–and it’s changing the face of marketing!

What the metaverse will become is still to be determined. Will it be–a collection of virtual reality and augmented reality games? Or a series of 3D animated and navigable websites, virtual stores, public meeting spaces, event venues, and virtual tourist locations? Will there be holograms? ( doesn’t think so, Meta seems to disagree). Whatever the metaverse ends up becoming, one thing we know for sure, is that marketing is going to play as big a role.

Although we don’t know yet exactly what the metaverse will be, there are a few ways in which we can predict how it will change marketing in 2022.

Metaverse AS Marketing

The first metaverse marketing trend that we see is the use of the metaverse in traditional marketing across all channels. Anyone who paid close attention to the commercials during Super Bowl LVI can attest to the frequency with which companies turned to metaverse and metaverse-adjacent marketing campaigns. From cars to beer to mortgage companies, and predictably tech and blockchain companies, there was a clear theme of all things metaverse, virtual reality, and augmented reality in the marketing campaigns. And it has people paying attention, as the New York Times points out. Clearly, if you are in traditional and digital marketing, metaverse-awareness pays dividends.

Marketing Metaverse-Based Virtual Products in the Outside World

We are already seeing an increase in marketing campaigns promoting products that exist only in the metaverse. Most of these metaverse marketing campaigns are aimed at points of access. From Facebook parent company Meta plugging its version of the metaverse in marketing for its Quest 2 virtual reality device, to ads for immersive games and events, marketing metaverse products on traditional channels is easy to find.

But some more experiential marketing is going on as well, like Gucci selling virtual shoes, wearable only in Roblox and VRChat.

Marketing Outside World-Based Virtual Products in the Metaverse

If your company exists in the world outside of the metaverse, don’t worry. There are virtual reality and augmented reality marketing solutions for you that will pull you into the metaverse. Influencer Marketing Hub, for example, profiles the work of Dimension Studio that worked with fashion brands to market products by creating a “virtual production set-up that allows a user to step onto a platform, be scanned by 106 cameras, and dropped into virtual worlds to test out garments and other items.”

As the metaverse develops, there are many avenues for marketing of all kinds, from virtual storefronts selling real-life goods and services, to digital test-drives, augmented reality marketing solutions, and more. In the metaverse, marketing is limited only by innovation and ingenuity.

Marketing Metaverse Products in the Metaverse

And, of course, there will be plenty of room for marketing virtual reality or augmented reality products from within the metaverse. In fact, this is already happening. Within games, for example, users can buy virtual clothing, collectibles, or home furniture through in-game purchases. And this trend is expected to grow exponentially as the metaverse comes into focus.

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