Source: Business Insider

Key Points:

  • Analysts at Morgan Stanley said the metaverse could represent an $8 trillion opportunity
  • The space is expected to be worth $82 billion by 2025
  • Metaverse is a concept, it’s not a product

The “metaverse” has become a hot topic for executives, analysts, and investors alike, being mentioned in the earnings calls of more than 15 companies in the past few months alone.

As the tech world grapples with what the metaverse will actually look like, several executives have started weaving mentions of it into discussion with investors. However, their remarks indicate they are still fairly unsure of what specifically the metaverse is and how it functions.

While Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta helped increase awareness of the metaverse and propelled it to a topic of global conversation, even CEO Mark Zuckerberg only has a vague notion of the definition of the metaverse.

“The best way to understand the metaverse is to experience it yourself, but it’s a little tough because it doesn’t fully exist yet,” Zuckerberg said at a conference last month.

Some companies are divided on whether it represents a real virtual space or if it’s just a concept, while others are unsure if a metaverse will ever actually exist and are weary of the nebulous technology.

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