Anne Flynn Wear, Associate Editor
August 2, 2021

Furniture Today spoke with several technology companies that have clients in the home furnishings industry about what new updates/enhancements manufacturers and retailers should be taking advantage of in order to offer a more seamless e-commerce experience for consumers.

Jon Cheney, founder and CEO, SeekXR

Augmented reality is starting to enter the beginning of a golden age, where basic functionality is now commonplace and more advanced experiences are soon to dot the internet.

Multiple product viewing, color selectors, interactivity, call-outs and more advanced animations are all available now through Seek Studio.

Cross-platform consistency is key for providing a trustworthy consumer experience. For both manufacturers and retailers in the furniture business, 3D and AR are now a must-have. Consumers will ditch one site in favor of another that allows them to preview furniture in their home. Given the greater emphasis on remote work and living, even manufacturers need to ensure their buyers have options when in-person travel isn’t possible. If manufacturers aren’t there already, producing AR-ready 3D models should be a core element of any new product.

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