How many times have you shopped online and wondered, “Will this actually look the same in real life?” Have you ever returned a product online because it was either too small or too big for the space you had planned? That can be so frustrating. Luckily, Seek introduces web-based Augmented Reality (AR) to aid in answering the question:

 “Will this product work for me?”


What are examples of Augmented Reality?

Before we dive into the business part of AR, let’s talk about Augmented Reality that you’re most likely familiar with. Pokémon GO, a game where characters from your phone are interacting with you in real life, is a huge example of Augmented Reality. If you’ve ever watched a football game on a screen, you may have noticed that lines are added in that aren’t actually on the field, that’s AR! And lastly, if you’ve ever used snapchat’s filters to change your face to something different, then you’ve used Augmented Reality. You may not have noticed that these are AR, but that value of some sort was added to what you were viewing. Besides all the fun and games, businesses can use this technology for improving certain aspects. For example, Amazon gives customers the option to “see it in your room” for furniture, and it comes in very handy for online shoppers! Unfortunately, Amazon’s AR only works in an app, versus what Seek offers–web-based AR for better convenience.


How does Augmented Reality work?

AR combines your real, current experience with virtual data (like an image of a car from online) using just a smartphone to situate it to scale as if it’s actually there. It takes an image or video (or both!) and transforms it into a 3-Dimensional object right before your eyes. The best part about AR is that it’s better than just zooming in on a photo. AR, when used for E-commerce, gives consumers a way to see products in their homes, in action, and almost in real life. All those details, such as size, are an ease to see when using Augmented Reality. You’re able to see all sides of a product and even see it being used, just how it would look if you actually had it right in front of you. Unlike Artificial Reality that completely transforms what you see, Augmented Reality enhances and adds to what you’re viewing. So if you want to buy that fancy car, but want to make sure it’ll fit in your garage, you don’t have to get out a measuring tape and figure it out for yourself. Augmented Reality will help you see the car in your garage in just a tap!


Will customers value Augmented Reality enough to make a purchase?

If you’re in the market to make a large purchase, whether it’s a couch, a car, a fridge, etc., saving time by buying it online is already a huge advantage. Now, if you can also view multiple couches in your living room (before you purchase) and switch them out based on what will fit your room, it saves you time from measuring everything out. Once you’ve decided on a couch, you can change the color depending on what matches your walls, floors, and everything else. You’re confident that you are choosing the best option for you! Being content with your thousand dollar purchase, especially if you’ll be waiting about 2 months for it, is a great benefit that Augmented Reality gives you as a customer. Because of the value AR brings to customers’ experiences, they’ll have more confidence in purchasing from the company that provides AR, rather than another that doesn’t.


Will Augmented Reality help my business?

When consumers can see more details than a picture shows and how it will look like when they get it, it increases the possibility that they will keep it once they purchase it. With Seek, reduction in returns with AR is 25% which means that companies and their customers can save so much unnecessary hassle with this new technological advancement. Seeing products in real life before you buy them is the ideal way for most shoppers, because they know exactly what they’re getting. The second benefit Seek brings with AR is a 150% increase in sales conversion. Can you imagine the impact this could have on your business? Augmented Reality helps those shoppers that don’t have time to go to the store, that can’t find the product they want in the store, and that would rather just buy online. On top of seeing it in real life through a device, they see it in their homes, offices, and any other space that they are looking to fill. Since more and more people are shopping online than ever before, AR is becoming a necessary tool for businesses to lower the amount of returns, increase their conversion rate, and have more satisfied customers.


When should brands use Augmented Reality?

If you want to give your customers a better experience with your products, increase sales while lowering returns, and be a part of the future of E-commerce, then now is the time to get Augmented Reality. It will not only save your business time, but money in the long run! The goal of Augmented Reality in business is to add to the customer experience by giving them a new perspective when online shopping. Companies that sell tangible objects completely online would benefit greatly if they choose to add AR sooner rather than later. Having this awesome technology that not many other companies have, will make your brand stand out, which is one of the advantages Seek brings to companies. Being unique and having different ways to show your product is crucial in a world with so many businesses sprouting up and advancing everyday.