Seek, a leader of web-based Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, has announced the issuance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of US Patent 10,839,615, which is a continuation of application No. 16/666,944 for the core of Seek’s technology. The newly issued US Patent covers Systems and Methods for Generating and Intelligently Distributing Forms of Extended Reality Content and gives Seek exclusive rights to the distribution of any single 3D model across two or more combinations of platforms, browsers or devices.

Many brands continue to struggle with creating and distributing AR experiences at scale across multiple platforms since the process has typically been manual, time consuming and expensive. With no real standardization, different platforms have different ways of uploading and rendering 3D images. Seek’s patented technology, the infrastructure for SEEK HUB, allows a level of automation the market has not yet seen before. An entire AR advertising campaign with multiple different 3D assets can now be stored and easily launched across a limitless number of social platforms such as Instagram, Snap, Facebook, and most recently Shopify, as well as browsers like Safari and Chrome, and devices like iOS and Android. Previously, 3D content would need to be individually converted based on its destination, hindering widespread adoption. Seek’s system can automate the distribution of 3D content standardized for an entire cross-channel marketing campaign, making Seek’s streamlined process a necessity for those using AR within their online advertising.

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