Coronavirus is unsettling every aspect of our lives, including our retail experiences. As the world has become confined to their homes, online shopping is now more important than ever and augmented reality technology has been thrust into the limelight to help online retailers deliver an efficient shopping experience.

Technology Is Stepping Up

As the global count of coronavirus cases continues to rise, most of us have been sent home from work and are expected to stay productive. Technology makes working from home easier, but as people get situated in their home office they may be looking for a new desk, monitor, chair, couch or other creature comforts to make their new workspace feel more productive.

Unfortunately, consumers are unable to visit stores in person, which is severely affecting retailers in nearly every industry, and with social distancing measures in place people have more time, giving way to projects that have been put off—new pictures to fill empty walls, a new couch for the living room, or a new dresser for the bedroom. Here’s where AR comes in.

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