As we all know, Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to wreak havoc around the world while leaving those affected in a constant state of uncertainty of what may come next.

Here at Seek, we have taken the steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees by continuing to provide exceptional service and support for our clients from the comfort of our homes, but what, if anything, can we do to further help the rest of our community, nation and even the world?

Unpredictabilities in eCommerce

It’s no surprise that one of the outcomes of social distancing is a sudden influx of online shopping, but according to Digital Commerce 360’s March 2020 Coronavirus survey of 304 retailers, a concerning 47% of retailers expect some downside revenue implications while 33% said it was too early to say.


Source: Digital Commerce 360  March 2020 Coronavirus survey of 304 retailers

Consumer Confidence

Retailers were also asked what they believed the impact on consumer confidence will be as a result of the coronavirus and 80% said that they believed that it would have some sort of impact.

With so many lives dependent on jobs in the industry, what can retailers do to ensure they keep the negative impact to a minimum by improving their customer’s buying confidence?

The Impact of Augmented Reality

One seemingly obvious way is to start by implementing AR into their website. Not only does AR provide an experience that combats the sudden absence of in-store shopping, but it also builds buyer confidence through superior product visualization.

In the past, many retailers have viewed AR as more of a luxury, but in light of current events it has become, and will continue to be, more of an absolute necessity.

How Seek Will Help

We at Seek would like to do our part to help by providing all eCommerce companies, three months of our AR services at no cost and no obligation.

It is our hope that this offer will not only help keep the eCommerce industry thriving and protect the livelihoods of all who depend on it, but that it will also help bring a little bit of normalcy to those of us who so desperately need it.

Our hearts truly go out to those impacted by the affects of COVID-19. When this is all over, let us remind ourselves that in a time of fear and uncertainty, we not only persevered, but we were able to do so by the kindness and compassion of those around us.