At the recent Retail Global Conference in Australia, Seek had the opportunity to attend and compete for the honor of the top e-commerce solution in the annual ePitch competition. Other companies that participated in the finals were UL, SubTrux, and Zynergy Books.

Seek’s CEO, Jon Cheney, represented the company on stage and shared progress on SeekView, the world’s leading AR for eCommerce solution. Jon addressed the audience on the main stage, sharing the benefits of web-based AR and why the world is finally ready for this technology to go mainstream.

There have previously been two barriers to mass adoption of AR technology–device compatibility and the consumer experience. With Seek’s web-based AR solution, the solution has become simple on both fronts. Brands can install AR directly on their website and offer this viewing option without requiring users to download an app. Phones are now powerful enough to deliver a smooth experience to the user.

On top of the ease-of-use factor, there is a significant ROI that brands see when utilizing AR technology. Most brands see upwards of a 30% increase in conversion when AR is used in the consideration phase of a purchase. Because customers are more confident in their purchase when they use AR, returns are also reduced by as much as 25%.

Following each of the pitches, three judges were given opportunities to ask follow-up questions. The judges were Nicky Jackson (CEO and Founder of RangeMe), Dominique Lamb (CEO of the National Retail Association), and Naomi Simson (Founder of Red Balloon, and co-founder of The Big Red Group). Naomi Simson is also well known for being one of the sharks on Shark Tank in Australia.

After a short deliberation, the judges came back and announced Seek as the winner!

Seek is proud to continue to push innovation that improves the online shopping experience for everybody. AR for eCommerce is here to stay, and Seek is leading the way.