The Sexy Sax Man experience – inspired by the Original Sexy Sax Man himself! The original sexy man would pull pranks on others by going around to different locations and playing a George Michael song on his saxophone. He went to places such as: restaurants, college classrooms, malls, and more! It has over 37m views on YouTube and it is what got us thinking about an AR Sax Man that can go anywhere you are!

Check out the original video to see where the inspiration came from for the AR sexy sax man.

We are excited to see all of the funny, cool, strange and weird places the sexy sax man will end up. Share them with us on instagram, facebook, or twitter with the hashtag #ARsexysaxman.

The Sax Man makes a wonderful and amusing friend that can go with you anywhere! Take him with you for some classic entertainment.

Where will the sax man end up next?

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