Take an augmented reality stroll through a cabin in the woods to try and solve the mystery.

Your great uncle has passed away and you’ve received information that he has left you a small fortune. Can you figure out what the fortune is and how to get it?

The Cabin in the Woods experience offers users the chance to play a “virtual escape room game.”

Move through the cabin, opening chests, cracking safes, decoding messages to solve the mystery that will get you a small fortune!

Have fun and don’t get lost!

Seek XR is a an augmented reality community that allows users to share, experience, and create augmented reality content – all in one place.

Users can interact with this content just like a user would watch videos on YouTube. Soon there will be thousands and even millions of AR videos available on our app.

Businesses use our platform and team of developers for marketing their product/service.

We want to enable the publishing of augmented reality content for the masses. We are aiming to make it simple and easy to become a creator of augmented reality. Seek utilities the latest AR technologies (ARKit, ARCore, Unity, SLAM) to give users and the creators access to the highest quality content.

The XR in Seek XR represents Mixed Reality. XR is a term used to describe reality that has been either replaced or augmented AND interacts with the environment around it. One day experiences in Seek will include AR, VR, and XR.