Hello Seek fans. We have some amazing news for you!

Seek Rewards is solely dedicated to adventures and WINNING PRIZES! Yeah, that’s right, you heard us! Seek is back! All you have to do is update your current Seek app.

The game you loved is back with the old map, boosters, dust, competitions, and of course PRIZES!

Time to get back out there and explore the world to win amazing prizes such as:

  • Apple watch
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Bluetooth headphones and speakers, just to name a few!

Go HAVE FUN and win our amazing prizes that are waiting for you, literally waiting for you…

Here a few changes being made in the Seek Rewards all that you need to know to have the most fun.

Power Gems – these are used to purchase the “new” Boosters. One Power Gem will buy 1 Booster. You receive Power Gems by watching video ads.

Boosters – there are 3 types of Boosters

  • Lockpick – use this to open any chest without keys. Available for 5 minutes.
  • Doubler – use this to DOUBLE whatever you win.
  • Radius Extender – this gives you an extra 20 meters to capture a chest and lasts 15 minutes long

Radius Expander – this is permanent and can be purchased with dust and coins.

You can now see all of the prizes being won by others in the “Latest Rewards” section found in the pink present icon on the main page.

As mentioned under Power Gems, we are introducing video ads. This allows us to put more money back into prizes. The more ads the more prizes we will give away!

But, if you prefer not to watch any ads, the good news is you don’t have to. The game is still free and ad free if you don’t want to enjoy the benefits of the boosters.

We are coming out with a totally new app called Seek XR. This app will be solely about creating and experiencing incredible AR content. You won’t be able to find and experience this content anywhere else in the world.

We are making it super simple for all of you to be able to create your VERY OWN AR content in the app. You won’t BELIEVE the new and amazing content we will have for you in Seek XR.

Be the first to download the new Seek XR app in the Google Play store on today! Download for Apple iOS version will be available soon.