Augmented reality is a new and upcoming technology, and it’s here to stay. We can expect to see more augmented reality uses and applications as technology improves. One of the most common associations with augmented reality is with video games or mobile apps, but the uses for augmented reality go far beyond entertainment. Check out more applications for augmented reality below:


The “Heads-Up Display” is utilized by fighter pilots and creates a transparent display in the pilot’s helmet. Useful data such as altitude, airspeed and horizon line can be displayed right in the line of vision for pilots, preventing the need to look down and away from the windshield, hence the name “Heads-Up.


Medical students are using augmented reality to practice surgery with visual aids and realistic experiences. Graphics and instructions with augmented reality help to explain complex medical conditions. Combining this technology with x-ray and MRI scans, the student can have a full picture of the patient’s condition.

Neurosurgeons can also benefit from augmented reality. Doctors are able to pinpoint the exact location in the brain that needs attention by creating a 3D image of the brain on top of the patient’s actual body.


You’ve seen that yellow line on the football field indicating “first and ten” during a game. That’s augmented reality. It’s been around for years and is likely to stay. What would be a Sunday night game without that important yellow line?


No need to look down to check how much gas you have left or how fast you’re going! With augmented reality windshields, drivers can see their dash, GPS, radio, and more, all displayed at the bottom of their windshield while driving.

Google Glass

Google Glass is probably one of the most recognizable uses for augmented reality. The concept was great, glasses that allow you to have a computer in front of anywhere you go. While the product didn’t take off as well as Google had hoped, it wasn’t due to the idea or technology according to Forbes. It was all in the marketing. Maybe there is hope in the future for a better marketed product that’s more accessible, because who wouldn’t want glasses that can tell you anything you’d ever want to know?

Car Repairs

Ever car is different, and car manuals are often not clear when it comes to instructing drivers where to find important parts on their car. With augmented reality, drivers can pull out their phone and see their car using the camera function with overlaid graphics to show where to put brake fluid and so much more!

GPS Directions

Don’t you hate it when you’re driving with Google Maps on your phone and miss a turn? Sometimes “300 feet” doesn’t look like 300 feet in real life. Augmented reality will soon be aiding drivers with turn-by-turn navigation. The technology can show you a direct path for your destination directly on the road you see through your windshield!

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