The number of mobile users has exploded within the last few years, and is continually growing. In fact, there are about 4.7 billion mobile users across the globe, and that over 90% of Americans have a cellphone. Clearly, the mobile world is here to stay. Mobile marketing is now a necessity for this growth. Buy utilizing mobile marketing, companies can reach more consumers than ever before. Here are some tips you can use to help you succeed with mobile marketing:

Tip 1: Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

According to Forbes, four out of five consumers use their mobile device to surf the web. This means that if a site is not mobile friendly, it will miss out on a large audience. Mobile websites should be as good, or even better than the desktop site.

Tip 2: Keep Your Marketing Message Short

Keep the message short and sweet. Grab your users attention and get your message across before they scroll on to the next thing. Mobile users are often on the go, and bounce back and forth from different mobile applications, so it is important to quickly grab their attention with an attractive easy to read website.

Tip 3: Stay Up to Date on New Technology

Technology is growing and advancing in so many ways. With this growth, new trends will emerge. It is important to know the new trends, so you can appeal to consumers. For example the trend of wearable technology changes the way people view or interact with mobile applications.

Tip 4: Have a Call to Action

Creating a call to action engages your users and creates more interactions between you and and your customers. Having a call to action gives consumers something to do. It encourages feedback and drives more traffic towards your business.

Tip 5: Use Multi-Channel Campaigns

There are many different channels available through mobile marketing. Between twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, and blogging, with companies can use each channel for campaigns. Each platform can drive consumers to your business.

Mobile marketing isn’t always easy, but is essential if you want to connect with a modern audience. With the accessibility of today’s technology, optimizing on mobile marketing is Ensuring your website is mobile friendly will increase your interaction with mobile users and generate more leads and sales from your website.