What is marketing?

Marketing is everything consumers encounter regarding a business. This includes advertising, customer service, what they hear, and any follow-up care the consumer receives. Marketing is what builds a relationship between the seller and buyer. Marketing’s goal is to understand the user, and know what the consumer wants.


Marketing from 1450 – 1950

Ever since people have had something to sell, we’ve had marketing. However, the strategies of marketing has changed over the years. In 1450 Gutenberg invented the printing press, which allowed for mass printing. This made it possible for companies to market on a larger scale. The first American magazine was published in 1741 in Philadelphia. By the 1870’s billboards and posters were popping up all over the globe. Companies used these mediums to blast quick and easy to read advertisements to consumers.



Up until the 1950’s, companies were talking at customers rather than talking with the customers. Instead they thought of tactics for simply selling more products and services with little regard for what the buyers really wanted. Because of the booming growth and competition sellers needed to rethink their way of marketing. The philosophy of understanding the needs of the customer started to emerge during this competitive time. This marketing concept suggests that companies need to first understand and know the consumers. Only then should organizations start the process of marketing.


1990 – 2017

New technology means more opportunities for marketing. TV displaced newspapers for largest ad medium jumping from jumping 5.9 billion dollars in revenue just in eight years. The number of people using search engines in 1997 was 70 billion. Search engines such as Yahoo and ask.com allowed people to find the information, services, and products they desire. With Google analytics companies can target specific populations for marketing.

Today, companies have jumped on user to user marketing with brand ambassadors advertising on their blogs, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter accounts. This has a greater emphasis on information sharing, user centered design, and collaboration. This new way of marketing allows customers to interact with brands in a new way. Companies begin to create value for their customers instead of throwing advertisements at their customers online.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve. There is no doubt that it will trend to more interactive, two-way communication between brand and customer. Companies that can provide value and engage customers in meaningful and exciting ways will reap the rewards.


Seek Adventure App

So how does this relate to Seek? Well, here at Seek, we understand marketing. We have figured out a way for consumers ask for advertisements, instead of clicking the “skip” button, consumers want more companies to market in Seek. We have found a way for brands to create value and engage with their consumers, by using Seek to find real rewards. Seek is looking towards the future of marketing while leading the trail of augmented reality.

Some facts pulled from The History of Marketing: An Exhaustive Timeline. Written by, Corey Wainwright